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FIVE THINGS EVERY EMPLOYER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT (If You Are an Employer, You Need to Read This)

There are a lot of factors that an employer must stay on top of to make sure his or her business is a success. Some of these are internal to the business (such as trying to produce and sell quality products and services while keeping costs down), while others require focusing on external factors (keeping an eye on trends in the economy and the relevant industry, as well as staying abreast of what the competition is doing). Given all this, it can be all-too-easy to give short shrift to an area of your business that is not only crucial to your success but also a minefield of potential liability and compliance issues – namely, your workforce and your employment practices.

Terms and Conditions May Not Apply – How to Make Sure Your Terms and Conditions Work for You

“Additional terms and conditions apply” is a phrase we have all heard from a voice-over on a late-night infomercial hawking vegetable juicers or subscriptions to a knife-of-the-month club. But just what are “terms and conditions” and how are they different from a normal contract? How can you make sure that your business’s “terms and conditions” are binding and enforceable? What if you want to change your “terms and conditions” from time to time?